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Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities (Routledge) réalise trois numéros qui s’articulent autour de penseurs clés – Dominique Lestel, Vinciane Despret et Roberto Marchesini  – dans l’émergence de la ‘philosophical ethology‘ : la recherche philosophique portant sur les relations homme-animal dans leurs dimensions culturelle, matérielle et symbolique.


Volume 19, Issue 3, 2014 “Philosophical Ethology I: Dominique Lestel”

B. Buchanan, J. Bussolini & M. Chrulew, General introduction : Philosophical ethology

T. Bardini, Preface : a field philosopher with a certain taste for fish, and who does not mistake his hat for an ethology

B. Buchanan, J. Bussolini & M. Chrulew, Editorial introduction : Dominique Lestel

M. Chrulew, The philosophical ethology of Dominique Lestel

M. Chrulew et D. Lestel, The animal outside the text : an interview with Dominique Lestel

Dominique Lestel,

  • Mirror effects
  • Hybrid Communities
  • Toward an ethnography of Animal worlds
  • Dissolving nature in culture : some philosophical stakes of the question of animal cultures
  • The question of the animal subject : thoughts on the fourth wound to human narcissism
  • The friends of my friends
  • Epistemological interlude
  • The carnivore’s ethics
  • The infinite debt of the human towards the animal


Volume 20, Issue 2, 2015 “Philosophical Ethology II: Vinciane Despret”

B. Buchanan, J. Bussolini & M. Chrulew, Editorial introduction : Vinciane Despret

D. Haraway, A curious practice

B. Buchanan, The Metamorphoses of Vinciane Despret

B. Buchanan, M. Chrulew et J. Bussolini, On asking the right questions : an interview with Vinciane Despret

J. Porcher et V. Despret, The pragmatics of expertise

Vinciane Despret

  • Models and Methods : sketch of a field study
  • The enigma of the raven
  • Who made clever hans stupid ?
  • Beast and humans
  • The otter and the fish farmer
  • Thinking like a rat
  • Animal abecedary : ‘o for oeuvres’ and ‘q for queer’
  • We are not so stupid… animals neither


“Philosophical Ethology III: Roberto Marchesini”

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