Speculative Ethology: the History, Philosophy and future of Ethology | Australie | 1-3 déc. 2016

“Speculative Ethology : The History, Philosophy and Future of Ethology III”

Curtin University (St George Tce, Perth) du 1er au 3 décembre 2016
By Joel Herzog - Unsplash

By Joel Herzog – Unsplash


Avec : Vinciane Despret, Michelle Bastian, Jeffrey Bussolini, Florence Chiew, Matthew Chrulew, Jacqueline Dalziell, Thom van Dooren, Cameron Duff, Nathan Everson, James Hatley, Eben Kirksey, Anna-Katharina Laboissiere, Stephen Muecke, Deborah Bird Rose, Isabelle Stengers, Hollis Taylor


This international collaborative workshop will provide the opportunity for thinking and discussion in the domain where philosophy and ethology overlap. This is the productively fraught territory of animal “behaviour”—or misbehaviour—sometimes predictable, often surprising, always intriguing. Scientific knowledge here confronts in a distinctive way the problems of interpretation and reflexivity with which the hermeneutic and social sciences have struggled. And it informs and is informed by the demands of power, spectacle and economics, transforming the conduct of those it conducts. Burdened philosophies have structured its concepts and methods, from instinct to Umwelt, from norm to wild. Yet new ideas and facts about animal cognition, technology and culture, as well as new experiences and relationships, have emerged from this site of exchange. How might work in this zone of philosophical ethology contribute to the rethinking and restaging of human-animal relationships? What circumstances and exigencies govern the creation and transformation of concepts in this field? Following the interventions of such perceptive and engaged observers as Jane Goodall and Shirley C. Strum, the “unfaithful daughters” of ethology, how might we revise and revive the often mechanistic and anthropocentric notions we have inherited? What new possibilities do bewildering and misbehaving animals offer to thought and practice?


 info: Matthew.Chrulew@curtin.edu.au

Centre for Culture and Technology // Posthumanism-Animality-Technology http://ccat-lab.org

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