NYU Animal Consciousness | 17-18 nov. 2017 | New York

On November 17-18, 2017, the NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness in conjunction with the NYU Center for Bioethics and NYU Animal Studies will host a conference on Animal Consciousness.

There has been a recent flourishing of scientific and philosophical work on consciousness in non-human animals. This conference will bring together philosophers and scientists to ask questions such as: Are invertebrates conscious? Do fish feel pain? Are non-human mammals self-conscious? How did consciousness evolve? How does research on animal consciousness affect the ethical treatment of animals? What is the impact of animal consciousness upon theories of consciousness and vice versa? What are the best methods for assessing consciousness in non-human animals?

Registration is free but required. Here


Speakers and panelists include:
Colin Allen (Pittsburgh, History and Philosophy of Science), Andrew Barron(Macquarie, Cognitive Neuroethology), Victoria Braithwaite (Penn State, Biology), Peter Carruthers (Maryland, Philosophy), Marian Dawkins (Oxford, Zoology), Dan Dennett (Tufts, Philosophy), David Edelman (San Diego, Neuroscience), Todd Feinberg (Mt. Sinai, Neurology), Peter Godfrey-Smith (Sydney, Philosophy), Lori Gruen(Wesleyan, Philosophy), Brian Hare (Duke, Evolutionary Anthropology), Stevan Harnad (Montreal, Cognitive Science), Eva Jablonka (Tel Aviv, Cohn Institute), Björn Merker (Neuroscience), Diana Reiss (Hunter, Psychology), Peter Singer (Princeton, Philosophy), Michael Tye (Texas, Philosophy)

Ned Block (NYU, Philosophy), David Chalmers (NYU, Philosophy), Dale Jamieson (NYU, Environmental Studies), S. Matthew Liao (NYU, Bioethics)

Conference Schedule and Location:
The conference will be held at the NYU Cantor Film Center (36 E 8th St), Room 200 (the main theater on the second floor). The overflow room will be Cantor 101. The conference will run from 9:00am to 6pm on both days, with registration beforehand (beginning at 8:30). The Friday sessions will include “Invertebrates and the evolution of consciousness”, “Do fish feel pain”, and “Animal consciousness and ethics”. The Saturday sessions will include “Self-consciousness in mammals”, “Animal consciousness and theories of consciousness”, and a panel discussion. A detailed schedule will be circulated closer to the conference date.

Site : https://wp.nyu.edu/consciousness/animal-consciousness/ 
Inquiries to: consciousness@nyu.edu

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