Peter Schulmann | Nature, Cataclysms and Solutions | Old Dominion University l 2019

Peter Schulmann, « Nature, Cataclysms and Solutions », Old Dominion University, seminar 2019

From Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s meditative walks through his garden, the romantic poets’ embrace of lakes and mountains, to contemporary threats from pollution, sea level rise, mass extinctions of species and other environmental cataclysms, nature has played an important role in French thought and creativity. In this class we will read poems, political texts, graphic novels, philosophical works and analyze films that appreciate the natural world, confront the dangers to our planet and offer potential solutions to what threatens us from France, Quebec and First Nations. Classes will be supplemented with such websites as and interviews with certain leaders in the field of French ecological issues and movements.

Anne Simon

Responsable du programme "Animots"

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