3rd Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop | Machinism and Animality | Paris-Dauphine | 7 juin 2019

Le troisième workshop international Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop aura lieu le 7 juin 2019.

Machinism and animality: Experiencing work and management in the digital era

Keynote Speaker : Anne Simon, CNRS


Le thème cette année est de discuter et confronter l’animalité, la technicité et l’humanité.

Pour cela, des chercheurs philosophes, des chercheurs en management de PSL et de toute l’Europe se rencontreront au 7e étage de l’aile A.




Organizing committee: Jeremy Aroles (Durham University), Aurore Dandoy (DRM-M&O, PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine), Géraldine Paring (DRM-MOST, PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine) and François-Xavier de Vaujany (DRM-M&O, PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine).

Our event will take place at Dauphine university (porte Dauphine) on June, 7th 2019 (9 AM-5 PM).


Looking forward to meeting you again in Paris!

Aurore, Géraldine, Jeremy & François, the OC of the 3rd Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop


6th of June : OWEE #Pastofwork2019

Phenomenological learning expedition called “Past of Work” organized by RGCS (Research Group on Collaborative Spaces) for those who wants to discover the Parisian history of work, from Montmartre to Montreuil. It is free and everyone is welcome.


June, 6th 10 AM-6 PM Registration here: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-past-of-work-2019-from-the-communards-to-the-50s-54497526569?ref=wpwidget


7th of June : 3rd Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop


8h45 : welcome address by Emmanuel Basset (Research director, PSL) (Espace accueil 7e étage)


9h – 10h : keynote by Anne Simon (EHESS) (Room A709) “Traversé par les bêtes : le langage humain au prisme de la zoopoétique”


10h – 10h30 : break and time to meet each other (Room)


10h30- 12h30 : 2-room sessions

Room 1 : A703 Room 2 : A709
“The Cybernetics of Support. How Exoskeletons are Interfaced with Physical Bodies for Industrial Assembly”

By Athanasios Karafillidis (University, Hamburg) and Helmut Schmidt (University, Hamburg)

“To Live and Think like Pigs: When Environmental Aesthetics meets the Meat Agro-Industry.”

By Elen Riot (Université de Reims)

“Mobile strategies: tracing lines and adapting to diverted spaces by homeless.”

By Lucie Courtambert (Université Paris Dauphine)

“The Sovereigns: a phenomenological lens to biodiversity conflicts”

By Géraldine Paring (PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine)

“The contribution of Deleuzian philosophy to the management of organizations in the digital era”

By Matthieu Chauvet (Université de Montpellier)

“Sémiotique des stéréotypes de la triade animalité, humanité, machinité”

By Anne-Laure Thessard (Université Paris I)

“The becoming of responsibility in a posthumanist world: experience, narration and imputability”

by Jeremy Aroles (Durham University) and Aurélie Leclercq- Vandelanoite (IESEG and LEM)

“Spatial affordances and digital tools: a phenomenological perspective »

By Anouk Mukherjee (IRG)



12h30 – 14h : lunch and time to discuss and enjoy informal conversations (Espace accueil)


13h45-14h30 : Panel about a new book proposal “how to give more visibility to phenomenology in management and organization studies?” (Espace accueil)

With Aurélie Leclercq-Vandelanoite (IESEG and LEM), Athanasios Karafillidis (University, Hamburg) and François-Xavier de Vaujany (Université Paris Dauphine)


14h30-16h15 : 2-room sessions


Room 1 : A703 Room 2 : A709
“Confession of a specialist of space: space as an experience”

By Fabio James Petani (INSEEC)

“From Beekman place to Beekman hotel in New York: following the steps of Saint-Expéry towards depth in organizing”

By François-Xavier de Vaujany (PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine)

“Commonalizing the city: the use of collaborative learning expeditions”

By Aurore Dandoy, Albane Grandazzi and François-Xavier de Vaujany

“Embodied, Relational Practices of Human and Non-Human in a Material, Social, and Cultural Nexus of Organizations”

By Wendelin Küpers (Karlshochschule International University)

“How have people in Japan experienced collaborative spaces?”

By Tadashi Uda (Hokkaïdo University)

“Outlining a research strategies for phenomenological studies”

By Andrea Resca (LUISS)



16h15 – 16h45 : coffee break and time to rest (Espace accueil)


16h45 – 17h45 : roundtable about research design (Espace accueil)

Ethnography, autoethnography and collaborative ethnography: phenomenological methods?

With Géraldine Paring (Université Paris Dauphine), XXX () and Aurore Dandoy (Université Paris Dauphine)



Anne Simon

Responsable du programme "Animots"

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