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AàC “« Enfin tout le reste ». Donner voix à la nature” | Anita Staroń  dir. | Babel. Littératures plurielles | date limite 1er juillet 2024

“« Enfin tout le reste ». Donner voix à la nature”, Babel. Littératures plurielles, n° 51, premier semestre 2025, sous la direction d’Anita Staroń  Il n’est plus besoin d’insister sur l’importance des préoccupations écologiques,...

Plant Tendrils in Children’s and Young Adult Literature | Ecozon@ | avril 2024

In the Anthropocene, some plants are rapidly moving north or south, some are going extinct, and some are going rogue. Rogue, mobile, weedy, invasive, resistant, and even radioactive: the lives of plants have always been dramatic as they feed us all and shape our local systems but their drama is taking new forms, and the arts are formulating new responses to them in our climate-changed, asphalt-covered, globally interconnected world of plantations, urbanization, and industrialized landscapes whether monoculture green or oil-spill brown.

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