“Hybrids and Monsters”

“Hybrids and Monsters”, Comparative Critical Studies Vol. 9, No. 3, October 2012

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Comparatives Critical Studies Hybrids and Monsters

Table des matières :

Guest Editor’s Introduction
Lucile Desblache : Hybridity, Monstrosity and the Posthuman in Philosophy and Literature Today

Notes on Contributors


Dominique Lestel : Why Are We So Fond of Monsters?

Harvey L. Hix : Hybridity Is the New Metamorphosis

Susan McHugh : Hybrid Species and Literatures: Ibrahim al-Koni’s ‘Composite Apparition’

Amaleena Damlé : Posthuman Encounters: Technology, Embodiment and Gender in Recent Feminist Thought and in the Work of Marie Darrieussecq

Ashwiny Kistnareddy : Almost White but not Quite: A Comparative Reading of Ferblanc’s Hybridity in Ananda Devi’s Soupir

Florian Mussgnug : Naturalizing Apocalypse: Last Men and Other Animals

Alicia H. Puleo : From Cyborgs to Organic Model and Back: Old and New Paradoxes of Gender and Hybridity

Kate Soper : The Humanism in Posthumanism

Editors’ Note
Launch of e-CCS

Audrey Lasserre

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