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Violent Child-Animal Encounters in Literature | Hybrid International Conference | University Jena | 28-30 sept. 2023

In the last decades, we have witnessed a variety of theories and approaches – from multispecies ethnography to trans- and posthumanist philosophy – that aim to decentralize the category of the human. Introducing a posthuman perspective into the study of childhood and human-animal relations will allow us to forge a new path to habitats and spaces at the margins of the dominant adult human world. These habitats usually mirror human society at large, at the same time offering a place for the unobserved stubbornness and resistance. For this conference, we would like to encourage contributions that look at the more-than-human world in literature and study the relations between human children and non-human animals.

La métamorphose humain/insecte: un défi littéraire et artistique, de l’Antiquité à nos jours | Clermont-Ferrand | 28 fév. 2021

Journée d’études du 6 mai 2021, MSH de Clermont-Ferrand L’objet de cette journée est d’explorer la fascination exercée depuis l’Antiquité grecque sur les créateurs par la représentation de la métamorphose physique entre l’humain et...

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