Étiqueté : Human-Animal

AàC | Contemporary re-imaginings of human-animal entanglements in the fairy tale | Détroit | 30 déc. 2016

Thinking with Stories in Times of Conflict: A Conference in Fairy-Tale Studies Wayne State University, Detroit, MI August 2-5, 2017 Website: http://clas.wayne.edu/languages/Thinking-with-Stories-in-Times-of-Conflict Call for papers for panel “Contemporary re-imaginings of human-animal entanglements in the...

D. Ryan | Animal Theory | Edinburgh press | 2015

Dereck RYAN, Animal Theory : A critical introduction Chez Edinburgh University Press, 2015, 168 p.   A critical introduction to theoretical approaches to animals and animality From caged orangutans to roasted pig, from dog training...

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